I couldn’t think of what to call this entry. Its more like a diary entry I guess. I am feeling some kind of way today… Last nights tragedy in Manchester has left me under a dark cloud. Reading about each person that was killed is heart breaking. Children murdered so needlessly in the country which…… Continue reading

Music & its importance to me

I love music and always have. My tastes are eclectic to say the least so I feel like this makes me a pretty good reviewer of any genre. I absolutely love Spotify and wouldn’t be without my premium subscription, I also love iTunes and the way it’s catalogued. Music has helped me through many difficult…… Continue reading Music & its importance to me

My spring/summer makeup & skincare must haves!

I thought id write about some great makeup and skincare products I’m using right now. I’m becoming a HUUUUGE fan of Primarks skincare they have available. As most people know I’m vegan and buy mostly vegan & cruelty free products as that’s important to me. I’m not sure if Primarks products come under any of…… Continue reading My spring/summer makeup & skincare must haves!

How I start my morning

I got hooked on Vegan Turmeric Lattes from Small Batch Coffee this year and always start my day with one. I don’t live near a small batch and it’s also not cost effective to buy from a coffee shop on a daily basis, so I make my own. You can buy freshly ground coffee from…… Continue reading How I start my morning

First blog post

OK here goes… Gonna keep this one short and sweet today.                                                         Welcome to my first post! I’m super excited to get this blog started as I’ve been…… Continue reading First blog post